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    6 Cheeky Ways to Chat Up a Girl


    1.Ask an opinion. A good way to begin a conversation with a girl you would like to talk to is to ask her opinion about something. Women like to know that someone cares about what they think and that their opinion matters. This is a great way to start a conversation.

    2.Ask for help with something. Women like to know that they are needed and if you ask for their assistance with something you can then move into further conversation. However, be sure the assistance is not hard labor. You might even accidentally drop a few things near her to see if she will stop and help you pick them up.

    3.Compliment her. If you want to chat up a girl then compliment her. Women love to hear compliments and positive things about their appearance. Tell her you love her hair, her skirt, or a purse that compliments her. This can lead to you asking her where she got it and so on.

    4.Buy her a drink. This is one of the oldest methods to begin a conversation with a woman and it still works today. Remember that this doesn’t have to be in a bar. You can buy a woman a drink in a restaurant, a café, or any place that serves drinks.

    5.Ask her to dance. Most public places have music playing over speakers. If a good song comes on then ask her to dance. It might sound crazy, silly, or even be a little romantic, but she just might. However, if she doesn’t dance with you then she may stick around to talk.

    6.Introduce yourself. If you cannot think of something creative to say and you still want to talk to her then just introduce yourself. You don’t always have to have something creative to say or do in order to talk to a woman. Just say hi and see if she will talk to you, you might be surprised.

    Chatting up a girl is not as hard as some guys make it out to be. If you want to talk to a girl then be natural and be yourself.

    Source by Benjamin Wise

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