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    Amazon didn’t kill small online business, charging $15 shipping on a $4 item did.


    Edit 1: Threads blowing up. I understand that no one can ship as cheap as Amazon. But if I’m buying a sticker from your company, you’re gonna throw it in an envelope with a stamp that costs $0.49. But then you’re gonna charge me a flat rate of $9.95 shipping.

    Edit 2: Some folks are saying “amazon shipping isn’t free, you’re paying for it in the item!” Yes. You’re right. But not only are they selling the item for the same, or cheaper, than the other guy but also I’m getting TWO DAY shipping. Some of these $5-$15 shipping is getting it to me in 5-7 days.

    Edit 3: No matter which side you’re on we can all agree that “create an account for shipping price” is the devil.

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