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Facial Exercises for the Jawline – 5 Easy Face Exercises to Sharpen the Jawline

If you need to lose fat, one of the best techniques that you should try would be to exercise. No matter where the flab is, a good physical activity is sure to tone that area, even if it’s on your face. If you’re wondering how to complete the fit and slim package for your body, here are some facial exercises jawline targeting techniques that you should try.

1. Sit upright and look up to the ceiling. Once in this position, purse your lips as tight as you can possibly do it. Hold the position for 5 seconds and relax. Repeat this routine 5 times daily.

2. While sitting or standing up, tip backwards and open your mouth slightly. While in this position, stretch your tongue out and attempt to touch your chin with it. Hold this posture for 5 seconds and repeat it for five times daily.

3. Put your hands below your jawline or at your upper neck. Then, half open your mouth. Try to keep this position while trying to pulling the sides of your mouth downwards, as if you’re frowning. This will stretch your facial muscles and give you a pretty good workout for your jawline.

4. Another one of the best facial exercises jawline targeting routines would need you start with covering your upper lip with the lower one. Then, tilt your head backwards so you would be looking up at the ceiling. Once in this position, force a smile without removing your lips’ arrangement. Hold the smile for at least five seconds and repeat the whole thing for five times. Experts say that doing this on a daily basis can give you results within a week.

5. This next technique is one of the simplest facial exercises jawline routines. All you need to do here is to move your jowls in a chewing motion with your lips closed gently for at least twenty repetitions every day. This can easily give your jaw muscles a good stretching, allowing it to get toned without a fuss.

Source by Mikel Sarr