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Farhan Munshi from McMaster University Ontario Hamilton Scammed Me $2600 Don’t Hire Him

Hi team will keep this brief.

Deal goes like this, I was helping to run this members shopify store for him.

Deal was I get 30% if conversion rate was above 1% and 50% if it was above 2% (it never hit 2% so I always was getting 30%)

not sure how to format it, ill just put all relevant info here and add shit if needed


confirming payments:

im on the team:

hf to skype proof:


general working things:

saying he will pay me:

letting me go:

training his va:

how much he owes me: (2615)

months of ignoring/excuses:

more hf proof:

messages me today after ignoring for weeks:

says I tried to hack his shopify

??? im thinking this is a plan all along, claim I hacked him and then avoid paying me as this reason

overall i finish working on 26th of march, 1 month for 2600 usd, he hasn’t paid me since then, 3 months of excuses

lmk if i miss something thx

his profile:

Farhan Munshi McMaster University Hamilton Ontario

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