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    Floppy Bags – Tips for Making Your Purse Firm


    How do you make your purse firm? Well that’s the age-old question that most new purse makers want to know. The truth is there is not just one answer for that question. While there are different levels of stiffness or firmness to a given bag a one product solution is rarely the answer.

    For those of us who just want a bit more body to our fabric totes then the answer can range from a heavier fabric to a sewn in or a fusible fleece. But that’s not the only key to making your purse firm so that it can stand on its own; for that you will need to adjust your construction method somewhat by giving your purse a free-standing bottom.

    A favorite purse for ladies is a clutch. While a clutch purse may be floppy it is given more structure by adding a purse board to help with maintaining its shape. A structured purse on the other hand generally requires a bit more body to it than just a bit of fleece or batting. While quite often a sturdy piece of chipboard is helpful, the style or design of your handbag will decide the kind of purse stiffener you should use.

    There are different weights for various purse stiffeners on the market, your purse design and construction will determine which one is most suitable for your application.

    So, can you make an ordinary purse stiff? Absolutely! You can begin making firm bags within minutes. In the end you’ll have your amazing firm bodied purse that shows absolutely no sign of the floppy blues.

    Source by Teri M Bethel

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