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IamA professional digital colorist. I restore and colorize black and white photographs, working with several museums, TV stations, publishers, and institutions from all over the world. AMA!

**My short bio:** Hi guys! People have been requesting me to do this for quite some time now, so I decided to give it a try! My name is Marina Amaral, I’m 22 and I live in Brazil. One day I decided to combine my fascination with history and skill using Photoshop by restoring and putting color into photos that were originally black and white, allowing people to see history from a new and colorful perspective. Each photo is made to be realistic by recognizing the value behind each one of them, respecting and preserving their stories, paying attention to the finer details and maintaining their original essence. Every completed work has gone through long and in-depth research and is supported by the opinions of experts in each particular area if necessary, to faithfully reproduce the original colors and atmosphere. My work ranges from simple portraits to complex and detailed images, taken from various historical periods covering a wide range of topics.

I’ve been doing this professionally for two years. I work with several publishers, magazines, TV stations, production companies, museums and institutions from different parts of the world. WIRED magazine has made an incredible story on me and my work, which you can read [here](

I’m working on several exciting personal projects at the moment and I’ll be glad to share some of my thoughts with you!
You can have a look at my work here: []( || [Facebook page]( ||[ Instagram](

**My Proof:** [](


**EDIT:** You can commission me to colorize family photos as well:

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