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    Louis Vuitton Murakami Collection Inspired by Takashi Murakami


    In a sense, Takashi Murakami had made an important contribution to LV, equal to its art director Marc Jacobs; the latter make LV quickly become the hottest brand of international fashion circle, before it isn’t active, and Takashi Murakami refigure the image of Louis vuitton in the young generation. Especially in Asia, the luxurious products of Europe suddenly become one part of cool culture of young people. Takashi Murakami’s artworks have deep Japanese manga comics which have unique style, such as flatting characters, plants and flowers in the context of fashionable culture; they could be especially sought after young people. Based on this background, we could think of the special image of Louis Vuitton Murakami.

    World-renowned fashion designer Marc Jacob likes dipping into different kinds of newspaper and magazines, when he knew the name of Takashi Murakami; he started to pay attention to his works. On the wall of his home, where hanged a huge works of Murakami, Marc Jacob said his picture presented an atmosphere of optimism, every day you looked at it, you would become optimist.

    One day, he asked Murakami to meet in Paris, told him to change the history of LV, in order to develop a bran-new style, especially the monogram pattern. Because Louis Vuitton bags are the main selling products, it’s very important to form different and fresh image of LV bags for Marc. After multiple researches and intense discussions by emails, Louis Vuitton Murakami collection appeared. Murakami decided to add flower patterns to the original monogrammed patterns; the flower core is an innocent smile just like children’s; when he transmitted the whole concept to Marc, Marc was very excited and completely agreed with him.

    Louis Vuitton Murakami collection features the multicolor patterns, mainly includes the white and black background, the usage of colors is the main characteristics of his works, he changed the classical monogrammed pattern into 33 kinds of color, which were brightened by the white and black background, and maybe this is the huge contribution what he had done in the innovative field. Besides, cherry blossom is the national flower of Japan, as a Japanese artist, Murakami didn’t forget to veneer a few cherry blossoms, rounded handbags have the cute bow, they are fond of young ladies.

    Louis Vuitton Murakami is an excellent creation in the road of LV, which spread around the world with its unique feature, what a perfect cooperation! By now, this collection keeps space with the time also, and it always walks in the forefront of fashion.

    Source by Belle Marks

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