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    Rohan Quine – Apricot Eyes – 8. Screeching worms – first sample


    Rohan Quine, “Apricot Eyes” – chapter 8 “Screeching worms” – first sample – video

    Scorpio sniffs the fetid air and looks about him. His eyes grow hard, as an instinct makes his fingers feel inside his leather shoulder-bag and close around the handgun.
    He can feel those other eyes again, fixing him from inside or out—the eyes he saw upon the screens on Forty-Second Street, that pinned him down and peered around his mind—my Jaymi eyes shining softly in, through his darkness, like they used to do before.
    He sets off down the slope towards the oily pool of tyres. He turns left, slipping through the shadows of the waste ground. He reaches the heaps of trash and steers through them; they seem almost to part for him. He turns, springs up onto a heap and down its other side, turns again and ducks through a half-hidden hatch in the ground.

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    Duration 0’59”

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