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    Sustainable For Life Demo

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    July 27th through August 8th we will travel to Ngong, Kenya to finish the installation of Sustainable for Life project. The first installation occurred in January and now the final piece is about to occur.

    The TEAM.
    Marc Palmer, Fashion Hope, CEO The facilitator of the sustainability project in Ngong Kenya.
    – “We are so excited about this partnership to bring employment to Kenya with Marko Taylor. To see a long awaited dream be so close to becoming a reality”- Marc Palmer

    Emmanuel Belliveau, Designer/Co-owner of Marko Taylor Bags.The brand behind the initial program.
    – “I always knew I would go back to Africa. 7 years ago, I left Kenya admiring the people’s perseverance and wanted to go back with something to offer. A successful NGO is one that is no longer needed. We have lots of work to do to accomplish that and this project is inline with giving the people independence.” – Emmanuel

    The program employs women living with HIV and AIDS and women who live in rural villages. Both groups have virtually no way of earning a living. Marko Taylor wants to provide sustainable wages for these women and be a small light to their lives.

    “None of these women have asked for handouts…they have asked for work! – Dr Debra Akre of Tembo Trading Company.

    Without an income many things are affected. Without an income their children cannot attend school. Without an income they cannot make the trip to the medical centers to receive their medicines. Without an income they cannot buy food for their children and themselves. Our goal is to empower them through employment.

    Our hope is that you will help us extend our hand and our reach to them so they can help themselves and in turn help others!

    Please contribute at our indiegogo page.. click here :

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