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    Tote Bag Washing Guides


    A tote bag is a huge bag which is held by the hands or slung over the shoulders, and utilized to house the daily things one would need, such as keys, wallets, cell phones, food containers and much more. A typical tote bag is primarily fashioned out of treated canvas, cotton, polyester and leather. Some totes come with zippered sections that partition the bag into compartments. The word ‘tote’ which translates as ‘to carry’ has origins dating back to the 17th century but was not widely used to illustrate bags until the 1900.

    Today, totes are carried by almost any woman you see on the street. Tiny purses are just not adequate to hold all the things a woman deems necessary. A tote offers so much room and comfort, plus they are stylish to boot.

    There are many food establishments which proffer reusable or recyclable bags fashioned out of cotton as opposed to paper or plastic containers to help create a better health environment. These tote bags are very versatile and durable, and fast gaining momentum with the fashionable crowd.

    More and more people are conscious about the environment and bring along their own bags when shopping for groceries. For totes of this nature, canvas is predominantly the preferred material as it is strong and can hold quite a bit of weight. On top of that canvas totes can be used for a long time before starting to show signs of wear.

    With much use, canvas totes need to be periodically cleaned. This is not difficult to accomplish.

    To begin the washing process, you must first remove any fixings in the tote bag such as the cardboard placed at the bottom, any divisions that can be taken out and anything else removable.

    If the tote bag is stained, pre treat it with strong stain removers, but do not use pure bleach as the bag color will run horribly afterwards. You can also use certain types of soap by rubbing it straight into the affected area. Remember to wet an edge of the soap first.

    If your tote bag is plain with no embellishments such as flowers or sequins, you can place it in the washing machine. Tote bags with beads, glitter and gem stones would damage your washing device.

    If your bag has all the mentioned embellishments, opt for hand washing instead. You can use a gentle scrub brush or a piece of terry cloth. Do not scrub too rigorously as it will likely damage the bag’s surface and might cause discoloration. The cloth or brush should be dipped in lukewarm water filled with mild detergent. Shake off excess water but do not wring as the bag’s shape might be compromised.

    Rinse the tote gently and hang to dry, preferably in a shaded area. Direct sunlight will cause the color to be uneven. Read the washing instructions at the tote bag’s label. Sometimes washing it in a machine can cause the tote bag to shrink.

    Source by Amin Ramjee

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