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    Why Is It So Many Of Us Put Off Having Our Last Will And Testament Executed?


    The real value of our Last Will and Testament is our loved ones' protection.

    Why is it so many of us put off having our Last Will and Testament executed? Are we afraid to face our own mortality?

    I met a well-to-do women once, who went on and on about the cemetery plot she and her husband had purchased some 15 years ago. She did not want to leave it up to her children to pick out a plot, because she felt they would not 'get it right.' She wanted a spot on top of a knoll and she paid a premium for it.

    When I asked if they had also executed a Will she said something that floored me. She said, "Oh, I've never got a will done. That makes me think I'm going to die soon. She was seventy-six at the time.

    So she arranged for a plot on a scenic part of the cemetery, but was afraid to make out a will because she did not want to think about dying. Well, she did die five years later without a Will and her family members are still in court to this day.

    What good is having a Will? What's the benefit?

    The truth is when we execute a Will, it's not for us. That's right. Wills are for our loved ones, our spouse, our children, relatives, friends, charities and so on.

    If we do not leave a Will, upon our death all bets are off. It makes the governments' job to handle our business, to decide how we wanted to bless our beneficies.

    There was this one gentleman who said he purposely was not going to have a Will done. He wanted to leave his estate in a mess so his beneficies would have to, as he stated, 'fight it out' in court.

    Some common misconceptions of 'Why I do not Need A Will' are listed below.

    "I do not have any assets."

    What is meaningless to you may be precious to other family members, and family members are not always congenial when it comes to dividing assets.

    "My family will get the children if something happens."

    The truth is, if you die without a Will, the government will decide who cares for your children.

    "Only wealthy people or married couples need a will."

    This is a common misconception among those of us who are not wealthy, that has caused a lot of grief for families who have been left behind.

    Does the thought of making out a Will bring our mortality to the forefront? Is our death, something we'd rather not think about? Well newsflash my friend, we're all going to die someday and we may as well deal with it ahead of time.

    A Will Is The Greatest Gift You Will Ever Leave Behind

    1. Do you want to leave your loved ones and your assets at the mercy of the government?

    2. Do you want to leave your family with endless red tape while they grieve?

    3. Do you want a probate judge to divide up your assets or a social worker to determine the custody of your children?

    4. Do you want to give the IRS a "blank check" to your estate or animal control to seize your pets?

    5. Do you want children or children from a previous marriage left out or your adult children to battle your spouse in court?

    6. Do you want a deadbeat parent to be awarded custody of your children or your relatives fighting over family heirlooms?

    7. Do you want the state to sell your possessions through probate while your loved ones grieve your death in court?

    8. Do you want a stranger making decisions on your behalf when long-lost relatives petition the court for your assets?

    9. Did you answer "yes" to any of the questions? Probably not. If you are a responsible adult with a family to protect, you can no doubt see the value in having a Will done.

    Do not Be Caught Dead Without A Will

    None of us are planning to die today, yet none of us will get out of this life alive. In fact, there are only two guarantees in life and that's death and taxes.

    If you do not have a properly written Will in place, your State has one for you. Do you think the government has your best intentions in mind?

    Hopefully you'll want to protect your loved ones and your assets before you die. There are methods you can use to have your Will, Health Care Power of Attorney, and Childrens' Trust prepared by a top rated law firm, and not break the bank.

    If you now have a better understanding of the necessity of having an up-to-date will in place, but think you can not afford an attorney, you will benefit from a Legal Services Plan. These plans provide affordable access to quality attorneys, usually on a small monthly payment basis. These plans bring affordability within reach of the 'average Joe.'

    Think About This

    When It Comes To The Law: If you're not protected from the law, you're subjected to the law. If you do not know your rights, you do not have any rights.

    If this topic interests you, invest a moment; check out how you can become pro-active protecting your family:

    Contact me anytime at: .

    Thanks again for reading.

    Source by Ck Dillon

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